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Google Optimization Tips

Providing unique information with high quality for a website that is compliant to Google’s guidelines.

By Using Black hat or Spamming technique you may get short term search result in Google search engine or any other search engine but once you are compromised it will be the end of your Google aspirations. Few months’ back Google has launched new technology to understand website. Who are using the black hat tech and trying to manipulate the SERP.

Google SEO:

A great site is useless if people are unable to find you. This is where Google SEO (search engine optimization) comes in handy. The methods we used to occupy the top 10 position in Google search engine for a long time will depend on if you know how Google ranks it index.

To rank your website in Google search engine you have to fallow the Google webmaster guide lines and Google ultimate goal. In a nutshell, Google wants to deliver relevant results to the search queries or Keyword. Relevancy is the key to its popularity.

Be clear that what search engine wants to deliver and why it needs to deliver it. We are not trying to trick Google; we are just giving this search engine what it needs to deliver unique and relevant information from valid websites.

What does Google want from your website?

There are many positive areas that will help Google to evaluate your website. Many areas can be broken down into important subsections but the top tier criteria are as follows.

  • Google wants your website to offer good quality and unique information.
  • Google wants your website to be popular with other quality websites.
  • Google needs your architecture to be compliant.
  • Google needs your website to pass validation.
  • Google needs your website to be accessible.
  • Google requires your website to have updated information.

What Google will frown upon?

  • Any duplication of information within the site.
  • Any duplication of information Internet wide.
  • Bad architecture.
  • Non compliancy.
  • Non validation.
  • Hostile code.
  • Bad server setup.

What Google will ban you for?

  • JavaScript redirects.
  • Hidden text or links using techniques such as no script tags.
  • Deliberate manipulation through flash code or server-side cloaking.
  • Improper use of domain names, even if it’s inadvertent.
  • Bad neighborhood linking.
  • Improper use of frames.

Conclusion on Google SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

There is no special definition for Google SEO term but understanding and accepting what Google is trying to deliver through its search results.

Avoid using black hat, spamming technique, stealing content, Javascript redirects, having the wrong server set up can get you penalized as can duplication within your own website and much other dynamic code. It can also easily identify bad link practice as well as hidden text and content.

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Google Optimization Tips
Providing unique information with high quality for a website that is compliant to Google’s guidelines.
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Google SEO Tips
Google is the top most popular search engine in the world. We know that many user will use to search the keywords or Topics in the Google search. Google word is well know to every one.

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