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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Checklist

SEO Checklist

We have created the SEO check list to know the important of seo factors and to see if your site can perform well in the search engine result pages SERP.

The Ultimate SEO Checklist

Factors that affect search engine ranking positively

SEO Factor Brief SEO Checklsit Information
Keyword in Domain Name/URL Main Keyword(s) should always appear in the URL and if possible in the domain name. For instance instead of naming a file "list1.html", name it "life-insurance-list.html".
Keyword in Title Main keyword should be as close to the beginning as possible. Don't stuff your title though! Don't use special characters.
Keyword in Meta Description Tag Use 1 to 2 reasonable sentences in your meta description and use your keywords at least once. Anyway this tag is not that important anymore.
Keywords Meta Tag Though Google does not put much value on this tag anymore, others do. Don't use more than about 10 keywords. Don't repeat any single word more than twice!
Keyword Density in the body There is no recommended or perfect keyword density, but don't use more than 15% to 20% per main keyword.
Keywords in header tags It's very relevant to use your keywords in header tags. Most important is H1, then follow H2, and H3. The others are proably not that important.
Keyword proximity The closer the keywords are, the better they might rank.
Order of key phrases Try to order your keywords so that they form key phrases that might be queried for more often in search engines.
Keyword frequency The most important main keyword should be repeated more than the others. However, don't spam the keyword in nonsensical points.
Keyword prominence The earlier the main keyword appears on the page, the higher its relevance.
Keyword in ALT and TITLE tags Describe the image and if possible with one of the main keywords, however, never spam the ALT tag, this is a common SEO mistake!
Keyword Anchor Text Try to have keywords in your inbound anchor texts, that are links that direct to subpages of your site.
Keyword Stemming Stem your keywords. Use singular, plural, past forms, etc.
Keyword Semantics Make use of synonyms and don't spam your site with one and the same keyword.
No excessive deep linking Check that all your pages can be reached with no more than 3 or 4 clicks!
Page to Page Linking Try to link to appropriate subpages from a related subpage.
Domain Name Extension .EDU and .ORG seem to be very important. For any .COM domain it is a little more difficult to prove trustworthiness and relevance due to the huge amount of spamming sites.
File Sizes Never exceed more than 100kb per page. Try to keep below 40kb per page. Small pages seem to be more useful.
Hyphenate file names This is the favored method to substitute spaces. Do never use more than 4 words in the file name, as this indicates spam.
Fresh and new contents Every search engines, esp. Google loves new and regularly updated contents, so do your visitors!
Total length of URL Keep it at a minimum. That does not mean that you should not use mor than 60 characters, but don't excessively use folders for any information.

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Search Engine Optimization:
Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing the quality of web site for getting a quality traffic to a web site from top search engines for target keywords that is used by the customers or users and then doing the necessary SEO steps for listed in the top 10 search results pages in top search engine like Google, Yahoo and Msn.
SEO Checklist :
We have created the SEO check list to know the important of seo factors and to see if your site can perform well in the search engine result pages SERP.
Most Common SEO Mistakes :
Most of the websites were optimized by SEO beginners, not yet have enough experience with the SEO industry to determine SEO fact from SEO fiction.

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