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Meta Keywords Tag

The Meta keywords tag is placed within <HEAD></HEAD> tags just before the <BODY> tag of the HTML in the Webpage. Major search engines including Yahoo, Google recommend the use of the Meta keywords tag. Meta keywords tag consist the list f important keywords that the search engine spiders or crawlers or bots can read and relate to the webpage. Pick up the most important keywords for inclusion in the Meta keywords tag. Separate the keywords in the Meta keywords tag with commas. Make sure that the keywords used in the Meta keywords tag are the same keywords used within the webpage. Never use any trademarks as keywords in the Meta keywords tag, trademarks are protected by law and should not be used without permission even within the Meta tags which are invisible to the visitors.

How to Write Meta Keywords Tag:

  • Meta keywords are two types, primary keywords and secondary keywords.
  • Primary Keywords means related to header of the content and secondary keywords means related keywords to the primary keyword
  • Primary keyword fallows the secondary keywords. Example given below: Meta keywords tag, Meta keywords, seo Meta keywords tag, Google Meta keywords tag and etc.
  • When you are writing the keywords in the Meta tags it should contain maximum of 30 keywords or 180 characters.
  • Use the Keywords to increases the traffic of your web site. Identify and use those keywords in the content which is typed by the users in the search engines search bar.
  • Understand your users concerns by analyzing the keywords that they are using.
  • Using Keywords tools like Inventory overture and Google Adwords and Google suggest useful to know the keywords density like Inventory overture provides information on how many times the keyword is used by the users in a month.
  • Google Adwords provides information on C.P.C (Cost per Click) and related keywords.
  • Google Suggest provides information on visitors uses keywords and the competitors list for those particular keywords.

SEO and Google Tips for Writing Meta Keywords Tag:

  • Each keyword should not be repeat more then 3 times in the Meta keywords tag.
  • If you want to rank for a particular keyword like keywords, for this keyword there are more competitors in the web site so over come this competitors you have to use the 2 or 3 words keywords in the Meta Tags. Like Meta keywords tag.
  • If you want to rank for a particular keyword like keywords, for this keyword there are more competitors in the web site so over come this competitors you have to use the 2 or 3 words keywords in the Meta Tags. Like Meta keywords tag.

Meta keywords Tag Html Syntax:

  • <META NAME = “Keywords” content=” primary keywords fallows secondary keywords>.

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