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Meta Title Tag

Contact US for Seo services, PPC services, SMO services, Link building services. WE PROVIDE YOU QUALITY SERVICES AT CHEAPER PRICES. Meta tags consists the information regarding the web pages of websites and generally the header place of the webpage Meta tags exists. Search engines takes the information from the meta tags while displaying the search engines results, if you are not uses the meta tags in the web pages the search engines automatically takes the information from your webpage content while displaying the search engine results. Meta tags are not visible to the visitors and visible to search engines only. But Meta title tag visible to the visitors and Meta description tag visible to the visitors in search engine results only. Search engine consider the Meta tags as the information of web site or web pages and gives the more and more priority to the Meta tags.

Meta title tag plays crucial role in achieving rankings in search engines and the meta title of your pages will show the quality of the web page and relevance. so, make sure that title should be unique and relevance for your web site. Meta title tag should display in the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Msn etc and attract the users.

Search engine give more weight age to the meta title tag and title tag increase the keywords density of your web page.

How to Write Meta Title Tags:

Meta title tag is a combination of primary keywords and secondary keywords and makes the title unique for your web site because it display at top of the web browser.

Meta title tag is written in the Head tag of your web page, followed by the Meta Tag Description and the Meta Keywords Tags. These are the important point you should remember few points when you are writing the title:

  • Meta title tag should contain Max of 12 keywords length and the combination of primary keyword and secondary keywords.
  • In title don’t use stop words like “a”, “and”, “or” and “that”.
  • Don’t repeat the same keyword twice in the meta title tag.
  • At time of writing the Meta title tag use starting letter be caps.

Tips for Writing Good Meta Title Tag:

Write the Meta title tag with relevant keywords in the content of the web page, while displaying the search engine results the relevant keywords contain web pages will appear in top 10 results.

Do not repeat the keywords more than 2 times in the Meta title tag, this may search engines consider as spamming and will effect in search engine results pages.

Use quite different Meta title tag for every web page and do not use same Meta title tag for web pages of website and Meta title tag contain relevant keywords of the web pages content.

The Meta title tag length for Google search engine is 66 characters or maximum of 12 keywords.

Syntax for Meta Title Tag:

    <TITLE>Combination of Primary Keywords - Secondary Keywords.</TITLE>

Tips for Meta Title Tag:

  • Replace the words like “and”, “that” with “|” character.
  • Start the Keyword with primary keyword fallow secondary keywords like:
  • <TITLE>Tips for Search Engine – Search Engine Optimization | Types of Optimization Methods</TITLE>

  • We can find few web pages don’t have <TITLE> tags. Its means they are not giving important to the web page and simultaneously they looses the page rank.

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