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Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a very simple and easy way for website owners to display all sizes of relevant,Google AdSenseon their website. If the Web site contains articles or content then you will get related Google AdSense which look like a links to the users and related to the user search.

Google AdSense are another way to the website owners to earn money by placing Google AdSense on the search result page and Google search bar. If the user types the keyword on the search bar the result will display on the same customize search result page with Google ads. Search result page look like a Google search result.

Google AdSense program is free, and Google AdSense is a combine’s pay-per-click and pay-per-impression advertising means you get money for valid clicks on the Google ads on your site or search results pages as well as impressions on your content pages.

How does Google target ads to my website?

After getting the Google AdSense approval you can place the Google ad code which is like a java scripts and placed in the WebPages on which you want to display Google AdSense. Google will take care of the rest by automatically delivering relevant Google AdSense to those content pages.

Google AdSense are targeted in two ways:

Contextual targeting:

We consider the few factors as keyword analysis, word frequency, font size, and linking structure of the website, in order to precisely match Google ads to each page.

Placement targeting:

Advertisers choose specific Google AdSense and placed in their websites to run their Google AdSense. Google AdSense that are placement-targeted may not be relevant to the content of a web page, but are match between what your users are interested in and what the website owner is offering.

What makes Google AdSense different from other ads networks?

Google AdSense business solution will help you to bring the true revenue potential of your site.

  • Google AdSense are very easy to read the text and image-based ads targeted to the content of your web pages and AdSense for search queries.
  • Google search page and page-ranking technologies are the foundation for Google AdSense. Google understand the content of WebPages and precisely match Google ads to your pages.
  • Google also provides you Keyword-targeted Google AdSense, placement-targeted advertisements, pay-per-impression Google ads that are specifically suited for your web pages.
  • Working on Google AdSense is very simple. Google provides a java code that you can paste your WebPages. It takes only few minutes. By this you can generating more advertising revenue.



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