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The Most Common SEO Mistakes

I have little experience and come across a number of "optimized" sites that use search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. Most of the websites were optimized by SEO beginners, not yet have enough experience with the SEO industry to determine SEO fact from SEO fiction.

Letís look at the most common search engine optimization mistakes:

Non Utilization of the Title Tag:

Title Tag plays a key role in SEO. Title tag reflects the name of the page or company name or website and search engines consider the one of the most important factors in relevancy. Title tag helps you out occupy the top position in SERP and always unique.

Donít forget to include your most important and targeted keywords in the Title tag for which you want to rank in top search engines.

Use of Untargeted Keywords and Phrases:

Another common mistake made by SEO learners, in selecting keywords and placing the keywords in META keyword tag. Donít target the generic keyword because it is a waste of time. Target the site for search terms and phrases that are highly targeted to your precise business. Use a keyword selector tools such as Google selector tool, Google suggest and Wordtracker to find what people are actually typing in to the search engines to find goods and concentrate on ranking well for those terms. The more qualified your site visitors are, the more likely you are to convert those visitors into paying customers.

A Lack of Optimized Body Text:

This one is very common mistakes, using of graphics, flash, java scripts, may be a large logo or a montage of images, but the thing they have in common is a distinct lack of text. If a website has no text on the home page, it hasn't been correctly optimized and has little chance of ranking well in the search engines.

If you want a web site to rank well in the search engines, you need to give them what they want to see like visible, unique content. That means adding keyword-filled body text to any page you want ranking high. Why? Because most search engines can't index images. Without text in the html page we canít rank high in search engines.

Page Cloaking and Doorway Pages:

Cloaking is a technique that displays contents especially designed for the search engines. The IP address of the visitor is checked, and when it belongs to a search engine, it is checked what the keywords of the search query have been. There are cloaking techniques where the homepage is altered to each and every keyword to make Google or any other search engine think that your site contains very relevant contents especially designed for the queried keyword or key phrase. Cloaking can sooner or later result in a penalty that may damage your business for a long time.

Over Optimization Hurts your Website:

Over optimization is reached when you are putting too much weight on your web site search engine optimization. That means when you are, for example, having no real relevant contents for your visitors but rather keyword stuffed body text. Having a too high keyword density may increase the likeliness of getting an Over Optimization Penalty. This also applies to your page title, your Meta description and Meta keywords.

Excessive Reciprocal Link Building:

If we do more reciprocal link building then, we will lose its weight on relevancy more and more, they are still used to raise your search engine position. Reciprocal links should only be building with very relevant web sites that are really having very similar contents. Excessive use of this link building technique is, is bad SEO technique.

Submitting to 1,000 Search Engines:

To receive a more traffic you have to submit a website to thousands of search engines. This is just NOT TRUE. In fact, studies show that approximately 90% of search traffic still comes from the 10 major search engines and directories.

Submission to thousands of search engines are usually including in that list minor engines or directories that utilize the databases of major engines anyway (so don't require submission) or a large number of Free For All (FFA) sites. Submitting your site to FFA pages can damage your site's reputation in the search engines, because they consider FFA sites to be of very low quality and utilizing spamdexing techniques in an attempt to falsely inflate a site's link popularity.

If you are targeting specific geographic markets, you might like to submit your site to the most popular regional search engines in those countries. Get your site listed on the 10 most popular search engines and directories and you will have the major worldwide traffic sources covered.

Resubmitting Too Soon and Too Often:

You have optimized your site and submitted it to the most important search engines. But still you haven't received any traffic. Depending on the search engine, they can take up to twelve weeks to include your site in their index. Each search engine and directory work to their own time frame.

Once you're in a search engine's database, there is no need to resubmit your site. Because search engines already know about your site and their robot is scheduled to revisit and reindex all sites in the database on a regular basis. Resubmitting wastes everybody's time and can actually get your URL permanently banned from a search engine for "spamdexing".

The only time you need to resubmit your site to a search engine is if your URL changes or if your domain suddenly drops out of their database entirely. NOT if youíre ranking drops, NOT if your content changes.

So those are the most common SEO mistakes which help you out to recognized the problem areas and are better equipped with the correct information, you'll be able to reverse the damage.

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Search Engine Optimization:
Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing the quality of web site for getting a quality traffic to a web site from top search engines for target keywords that is used by the customers or users and then doing the necessary SEO steps for listed in the top 10 search results pages in top search engine like Google, Yahoo and Msn.
SEO Checklist :
We have created the SEO check list to know the important of seo factors and to see if your site can perform well in the search engine result pages SERP.
Most Common SEO Mistakes :
Most of the websites were optimized by SEO beginners, not yet have enough experience with the SEO industry to determine SEO fact from SEO fiction.

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